Friday, 4 July 2014

demanding Nickel spent catalyst from â?o Hydride produced 1,4-butanediol(CAS No. 110-63-4)  Manufacturerâ?ť.  No matter what kind of Manufacturer you are, if you have Nickel spent catalyst, feel free to contact with us.  We will like you purchase Nickel spent catalyst by the good price from you.

Quote for impurities

Dear Sir

Kindly send a quotation for following impurities quantity 1-5gm.

·        Praziquantel Related Compound B
·        Pyrantel Related Compound A
·        Risedronate Related Compound A
·        Citalopram related compound B
·        Citalopram related compound C
·        Ganciclovir Mono-N-methyl Valinate
·        Levalbuterol related compound H
·        Sulfamethoxazole impurity A
·        Sulfamethoxazole impurity F
·        Lamotrigine Related compound C
·        Lamotrigine Related compound D
·        Ascorbic acid impurity D
·        Vinorelbine Related compound A

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Dear Sir,

we require Atovaquone impurities ,please check at your end and inform us the  delivery date and quote of the below impurities.


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