Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Rxn chemicals offers contract research manufacturing/ custom research synthesis, we are fastest growing contract research organisation in API intermediates, small molecules of custom research synthesis.

our client are located in indian market as well as overseas market, very cheap custom sythesis, with high quality , high purity level in molecules.

our dedicated scientist always works day and night to complete the task within time frame.

we also work as indentor for many pharmaceutical companies. for more details pls visit our web : www.rxnchem.com 

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Rxn Chemicals Pvt Ltd

Rxn Chemicals Pvt Ltd deals in Chemical Intermediates, Active Pharma Ingredient, Reference standard compound, Impurities and Active Ingredient, Herbal extract, flavour and fragrances Industry.

Rxn chemicals is research driven organization which constantly providing services to pharmaceutical, drug discovery, process optimization for research organization. 

Company Profile

Rxn Chemicals Pvt Ltd is a Mumbai based company dealing in manufacturing and exporting of Chemical Intermediates, Active Pharmaceutical  Ingredient, Reference standard compound, Impurities, Active Ingredient, Herbal products and products for flavour & fragrance industry . 

Rxn chemicals is a research driven organization providing services to pharmaceutical industry, Contract research organization, Process optimization units, Research and Development units, Herbal product industry and Flavour & fragrance industry. At Rxn chemicals, we believe in providing prompt service to our clients without compromising on quality of the product, which is the reason we have built long term relations with our clients in spite of having so many other
 contemporaries in the market.

Rxn chemicals offer premium quality organic and inorganic compounds ranging from mg to kg level.
 The process of quality checking guarantees compliance of the product to the international standards and further ensures that the clients get the best of products possible. Once the process of quality checking is done, the products are finally packed with chemical specific packaging materials which ensure that the shipment transportation of the chemical is safe too.

Though, Rxn chemicals provides to its clients an entire range of organic  and inorganic compounds listed in its product list, the company refrains itself from products which are patent protected, thus valuing intellectual property rights of the patentee. 

Rxn chemicals acts as chemicals indentor for many multinational pharmaceuticals companies. it helps for import and export of chemicals with value to the product.

Rxn chemcials acts as custom synthesis, contract manufacturing for many companies and had successful trade record.
for more details pls visit .  www.rxnhcem.com or call +91-8055359566 email us info@rxnchem.com.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Rxn Chemicals Pvt Ltd

Rxn chemicals offers fine chemicals, specialty chemicals, reaction intermediates, bulk chemicals, API Intermediates, to enhance the business of pharmaceutical companies and chemical manufacturing business.

In India there are many chemicals companies are struggling to survive in business , because of huge competition in market, in fact nowadays this business is running on very less margin, for manufacture as well as traders. so most of traders are quit from this business and enter into another business.

The main reason behind this is international pressure on pricing strategy to reduce the prices of drug,another main reason behind this business is new foreign players are entering into Indian market which gives reasonable prices.

Main reason of chemical companies failure to lack of market knowledge. most companies don't know how to export, how to do marketing in Indian market, where they will find buyer , where they can met buyer and sellers.Hike in labour wages, shortage of skilled man power.

so all  this kind of question are there in manufacturer mind .