Rxn Chemicals Pvt Ltd

Rxn chemicals offers fine chemicals, specialty chemicals, reaction intermediates, bulk chemicals, API Intermediates, to enhance the business of pharmaceutical companies and chemical manufacturing business.

In India there are many chemicals companies are struggling to survive in business , because of huge competition in market, in fact nowadays this business is running on very less margin, for manufacture as well as traders. so most of traders are quit from this business and enter into another business.

The main reason behind this is international pressure on pricing strategy to reduce the prices of drug,another main reason behind this business is new foreign players are entering into Indian market which gives reasonable prices.

Main reason of chemical companies failure to lack of market knowledge. most companies don't know how to export, how to do marketing in Indian market, where they will find buyer , where they can met buyer and sellers.Hike in labour wages, shortage of skilled man power.

so all  this kind of question are there in manufacturer mind .


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