Order of synthesis of combinatorial library

Attn : Custom Synthesis Manufacturer
Order : RFQ
Dated : 19/1/2012

We have small molecule and want to order syntheses of combinatorial
library around it (50-100 items - 5 mg each).
The syntheses takes around 5 stages and about 2 weeks in our experience.
If it be possible  to apply for such project and could I ask for
estimate cost.

After the initial screening one of the selected molecule represented  good results in the biological testings (See the attached file).
And we would like to use your possibilities to synthesise the analogues of this compound. We are interested in little compound libraries (100 compounds in each series) among direct analogues of this compound.
Please, estimate your resources and propose us several libraries among compounds, that are close to structure of our hit.
We'll select about 100 substances from each proposed to synthesis library. A number of the compounds in each virtual library should be maximal available for us.
Our demands are the typical for the libraries of the compounds that were selected for screening.
Quality >90%
Structure and quality must be confirmed by the LC-MS – data for each compounds and NMR- data for a few compounds.

Please, send us scheme of the synthesis for each proposed virtual libraries.
Of course  we would like to know how much it costs and how long one library production will take. Will be compounds solid or dissolved? Do you include to the final price the costs of the chemicals?

Those who are Interested in this order pls get in touch asap.

Pls contact us : +91-8055359566 email : info@rxnchem.com


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